the best cross-art you'll ever see

10 differents categories
+250 hand draw traits

instant reveal\\after mint out
no roadmap\\
no false promises
no discord\\
no scammers\\no fudders

contract optimized\\ERC721A

what is a nft?
If you’re here, you know what it is :)

how big is the collection?
10k generated tokens.

how much?
1            //3000 = free + gas (1 per wallet)
3001 //  10000 = 0.03ETH + gas (3 per wallet)

what is zukilist
//zukilist is our allowlist and you must be on it to be able to mint on free phase.

how can i be on the zukilist?
follow us on twitter for futher details.

when is the mint date?
Sept. 13, 2022 2 p.m. UTC

are you affiliate to other collections?
we're not, but we are inspired by the bests.

why should i mint OKAY ZUKI?
you should’n, but if you appreciate a good art or wanna make some money, you’re welcome. But be smart and don't sell bellow mint price + gas + fees :)

where can i mint?
once the mint date and time is announced, you will be able to mint OKAY ZUKI right from this page!